The team at Zee Networks approached us to brand their 80's-90's inspired Indian movie channel - Zee Bollywood. The team at Dynamite delivered a contemporary visual extravaganza inspired primarily by the Kitsch aesthetic of this era. From hand-painted movie posters and backdrops, to iconic kitsch visual elements comprised of lights, disco balls, flowers & glitter - the brand was a quintessential representation of Indian cinema from the '80s and '90s. Using a sequence of dance lights as our motif, we pulled in elements from all genres of Bollywood, and tied them together with a sparkling disco ball. The hand-painted characters from 80s-90s film posters helped bring an authentic cinematic feel to the on air packaging. Additionally, bold outlines, textures and shadows helped set an impactful typography style for the channel's branding making sure that it oozed 101% shuddh Bollywood.


Design Stills


The channel idents made used of larger than life compositions, in-your-face motion coupled with bright kitsch imagery to capture action, drama, romance and many more iconic themes and bring to life the magic of Indian cinema from the '80s-'90s.


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