Sony Music

Sony Music Entertainment - the second largest music company in the world - is considered almost synonymous with music, and in that lay our challenge. To come up with motion brand language for a company that is representative of music irrespective of genres, irrespective of language. With the pantheon of music as inspiration and an already established logo as their brand mark, we utilized two devices to tell our story. The click track, and the 4 instrument families of an orchestra. The click track symbolizes the beginning of ‘produced’ music, and the 4 instrument families of an orchestra - woodwind, brass, percussion and strings – come together to represent all the instruments that exist. With that in mind we set out to create a graphic representation of this expression. Working with a dot, which symbolizes the beginning of everything, we journeyed out to the instruments, to eventually resolve into the logo. It was an absolute pleasure working hand in hand with the team at Sony Music and with the wonderful people at cotton press studios to design and create a sound that resonates with the idea.