We had the opportunity to design and animate the show opening for Hotstar's Original IPL show 'The Fanatics'. The show was set to return for its fourth season and needed a fresh new look with more youthful energy. After experimenting with a number of different styles and techniques to treat different iterations of the logoform, we arrived at a unique 3D treatment for the show logo and animation. We used bold sans serif typography for maximum impact and treated it with an extrusion and coloured bevels for a bit of added visual flavour.
Additionally, we used fine detailed lines to outline the logotype in order to make it more interesting. With our choice of colours for the logotype we made sure to pick shades of yellow and red that would helped it exude positivity. Coupling the logotype with a more earthy blue background helped the colours pop even more and assured a level finesse to the overall design. For a bit of added fun in the logo animation, we created a geometric grid using 3D forms of cricket balls and cricket bails.