CHANNEL [V]-2010

In order to help Channel [v] become No.1 youth brand we decided to:

- Create a fresh, young and distinct look using an origami treatment with a new, slick font & haute neon colors against an ethnic dark wallpaper background.

- Create a baseline that represents the Channel's content & audience.

- Introduce new characters and create interactive stings & bumpers using the new lingo of the youth today.

- Use the new characters & iconic elements in the on air navigation & graphics that make each on air element as interesting as the content.

- Make the Channel a brand that the youth aspires to be associated with & follow, destroying all the rest of the competitve TV brands.

Character Design + Navigational Elements
Channel [v] - 'Bhai'
PROMAX INDIA - GOLD (Best Channel Identity)

Navigational Elements (Menu)
Channel [v] - 'Bloody Cool Masakali (pigeon)'
PROMAX BDA WORLD - GOLD (Best Informational Graphics)