Applause Entertainment Branding

The team at Aditya Birla Group approached us with the ambitious task of branding their content studio and OTT platform Applause Entertainment. Their aim was to build a brand that positioned itself as an original content creator catering to the new generation of Indian binge-watchers. To do this, they aimed to produce a wide spectrum of content ranging from comedies to high-octane action shows.

With this in mind, Dynamite set out to create a visual identity, brand positioning & motion language for Applause. Dynamite's aim was to develop a comprehensive brand that would serve as a seamless delivery point for their content, tie together their diverse roster of shows, as well as position Applause as an entertainment powerhouse - a definitive answer for the Indian binge-watcher who yearns for quality story-driven content.

This helped us give birth to their bold positioning and primary point of communication - "It's not entertainment, if there is no Applause." In addition we established a tone and brand voice that spoke to what Applause truly stood for and put into words what Applause truly aims to be.

Following this, we developed a comprehensive visual language that represented Applause Entertainment's new age approach to content, while still remaining true to its roots and parent brand Aditya Birla Group. The visual device of light and the Applause symbol (A) in our logo were the driving visuals for our brand and lent themselves to numerous extensions across on-air and off-air branding. From 3D extrusions in the on-air transitions, to unique masking treatments in the poster our logoform helped tie the brand together seamlessly and create a memorable visual identity.




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